How to Connect Hosting Email On Outlook Office365 (Destop)?

If you have a hosting email, say, how do you send/receive from this email account on Outlook Office 365?

I will divide the guide into two sections, one is teaching you how to configure Outlook Office 365 on your desktop/laptop and the other is teaching you how to conifgure Outlook Office 365 on your mobile device.

I promise this isn’t so hard as you thought and it’s only going to take you around 10 minutes.

Connect Hosting Email On Outlook Office365 (Desktop version)

Step 1: Open your outlook office365 application.

Step 2: Go to File Tab (shown as following) on the top of the navigation bar.


Step 3: Click the selection box under the title ‘Account Information’ and select ‘+ Add Account’.

Step 4: Copy & paste info@ email address into the box. Click Advanced Option and tick the box let me set up my account manually.

Step 5: Choose option IMAP.

Step 6: Type in email account password, Enter.

Step 7: Now You should be seeing this interface, click Done.

Step 8: Now navigate to File Tab again on the top and go to Account Settings -> Account Settings under Account Information.

Step 9: Select your email address and choose Repair.

Step 10: Choose Advanced options -> Let me repair my account manually

Step 11: Leave incoming mail settings as it should be.

Step 12:  Modify outgoing mail settings as following:

Toggle on Logon using username & password and input the same username&password you’ve been using in this tutorial.

Click Next.


Connect Hosting Email On Outlook Office365 (Mobile version)

To be continued…

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